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2020 April, Let's Fight the Covid-19 Together

Let’s Fight the Covid-19 Together!

Since the Covid-19 invaded the United States, hospitals across the United States have appeared in emergency situations with protective equipment and kits. A large number of medical personnel are forced to fight the epidemic in a high-risk environment without protection.
Recently, Simplyhelp received doctors and nurses from around the world and asked for help because of the lack of anti-epidemic materials! We cannot let medical staff fall
and would launches a loving fundraising event!

The Simplyhelp Foundation-East Bank Branch also initiated a donation of money to assist the hospital’s medical supplies and the medical protective equipment will be sent to the four major hospitals.

The Simplyhelp Foundation hope like you to generously help protect the medical staff to hold their posts and fight against the epidemic together!

Here are the hospital made a special appeal and urgently needed the following medical supplies. Each hospital has different regulations and needs:

-Protective clothing (FDA certified Isolation, care and surgical)
-N95 mask (Niosh standard)
-Surgical mask (Level I or above)
-Gloves (Latex Free feet)
-Goggles, mask (Fluid resistant)
-Sanitizer & Clinical Grade Disinfectant

If you have those resources, please contact us (we rejected high-priced speculators)


自 Covid-19 新冠疫情入侵美國以來, 全美各醫院紛紛出現防護裝備和試劑盒告急情況。大量醫護人員被迫在缺乏防護的高風險環境下對抗疫情。
近日,幫幫忙基金會收到身邊醫生護士,因抗疫物資缺乏而纷纷求救! 我們不能讓醫護人員倒下!基金會發起愛心募捐活動!


基金會呼籲更多的愛心人士慷慨解囊,保護醫護人員堅守崗位, 共同抗疫!


- 防護衣(FDA認證Isolation, care and surgical)
- N95口罩(Niosh標準)
- Surgical口罩 (Level I或以上)
- 手套(Latex Free各呎吋)
- 護目鏡,面罩(Fluid resistant)
- Sanitizer & Clinical Grade Disinfectant


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