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2021 10/25 Thanks For Your Support!

Hello everyone:

The Simplyhelp Foundation has been established for 22 years. we continue relieve poverty by providing emergency disaster relief, educational training, shelter and care for the homeless elderly people.
In 2021, due to the severe epidemic situation, a total of 48 containers worth at $7,670,000 of epidemic prevention materials have been shipped to 17 countries for their urgent needs.

Here are the details

Somaliland : 4 caring and anti-epidemic containers, 2 computer classrooms

Saint Vincent : Three containers for disaster relief due to the volcanic eruption and items for dengue fever prevention

Guatemala : Two containers and two classrooms

Haiti : There are 4 earthquake relief containers, two have just left the port and are still at sea, and one computer classroom

Honduras : There are three containers for epidemic prevention and relief

Nauru : A caring and anti-epidemic container

Tuvalu : A caring and anti-epidemic container and computer classroom

Nicaragua : Four anti-epidemic containers and five computer classrooms, two at sea

St. Christopher : Two anti-epidemic containers are waiting for shipment

Saint Lucia : A Caring and Anti-epidemic Container

India : Two anti-epidemic containers

Indonesia : An epidemic prevention container

Malaysia : An epidemic prevention container

Philippines : An epidemic prevention container

Myanmar : Two anti-epidemic containers

Sri Lanka : 8 anti-epidemic containers

El Salvador : Three anti-epidemic and supplies for nursing homes

Thanks to our volunteers for their non-stop work this year and Donors for their support.

Simplyhelp President

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