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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
2014 Youth Ambassadors Nomination Activities
What is ECOSOC?

County Of Los Angeles

The Seal of Los Angeles CountyOur organization participates in the Surplus Property Donation Program of the County of Los Angeles. Click For More Information

Projects 2022

2022 12/17 Warehouse Sorting

Distribution preparation for local communities

2022 12/10 CAN News-旅美僑胞送22個貨櫃救濟各地 展現台灣暖實力

旅美僑胞送22個貨櫃救濟各地 展現台灣暖實力

2022 12/10 Love In Another Land

2022 11/30 Loading Container for Belize

Loading Belize’s container this morning
Because of the typhoon in Belize last month, relief supplies went out today, hoping to help them

2022 11/26 Los Angeles Distribution

Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work in making this event very success! grateful -Jenny

The event was happy and very successful, Thank you all for supporting -Tina

2022 11/22 El Salvador Distribution

The container For El Salvador has just arrived and distributed to various locations

2022 11/9 Just Loaded the Guatemala Container Today

Full of toys. Clothes, quilts, diapers, walking shoes, hats, scarves
To their social bureau, hoping to bring them warmth
Thanks to all the donators and volunteers