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2019 10/9 St. Vincent and the Grenadines containers distribution news

2019 7/24 Sina News-捐贈巴國第一夫人辦公室愛心布料貨櫃乙只

2019 7/24 CNA News-捐贈巴國第一夫人辦公室愛心布料貨櫃乙只

2019 6/6 Container to St. Vincent

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The container to St. Vincent has been loaded today. Include a hospital bed with wheelchair.

在我們的催促下,今早才把空櫃領回來,趕著今午把貨櫃裝好,明天把重櫃送回碼頭,這才趕上船期,7/18到 St. Vincent, 約兩星期通關時間,才趕得上七月底或八月初 Dr. Gill 去發放. -Wing

2019 5/25 Packing for Paraguay and Tuvalu

今天又完成Tuvalu 愛心的濟貧貨櫃 和半個巴拉圭的救災貨櫃 水災 目前正在籌備另外半個貨櫃的物質 食物 蚊帳毛毯。

今年已經送出了九個愛心貨櫃 大家都辛苦啦 愛心的團隊


2019 5/13 Senior Center

Some people from the Beaty Salon were cutting the hair to Seniors and gave them a piece of cake and brought a pinata. They were a great time!


2019 5/11 Packing

昨天,謝謝大家義工們 準備好 st Lucia, st Vincent 的貨櫃 二個貨櫃 真辛苦了 二個裝滿衣服鞋子電器,枕頭,玩具,文具 ….帶去我們的愛心給友邦國家的需要的人民