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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
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2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

Date Project
Jan visit SH fabric donors in Tainan Taiwan for 4 fabric container to Haiti, Dominica Republic,Paraquay, El Salvador.
Jan Sri Lanka distribution with school supplies in the mountains area
3-Jan shipped a container to Honduras for baby supplies, clothes, toys, woman shoe,..
3-Jan container to Solomon with toys, summer clothes, sandal, shirt,
Jan apply Grant from NGO in Taiwan for 2018 container projects
Feb Guatemal distribution for two 53 foot containers by Celestate for medical supplies, cloth, shoes, toys..
8-Feb container to El Salvador with baby supplies, houseware, socks, mens and women clothes, …
15-Mar container to Haiti for shoes, toys, bags, Baby supplies, boy and girls clothes,..
20-Mar container to Haiti for shoes, toys, bags, Baby supplies, boy and girls clothes,hat,girl dress..
27-Mar container to Paraguay with housewear, stationaty, winter clothes, summer cloth,..
9-Apr container to St. Vincent with toys, woman shirt, purse, shoes, girls dress, boys tuxedo, hat, radio, tennis shoe,
April 10th El Salvador Distribution for 5 province with container goods and food. Visit our 5 seniors center, set up 3 computer classroom, give a bus to Hospital for cancer patient families to commute.
1-Jul Fabric container to Honduras, El Salvador, St. Vincent from Taiwan
Jul 9, 2018 distribute to Men homeless shelter with daily use stuffs underwear, toothbruch, toothpast, socks, jacket, sweaters. Hamberger dinner served for 250 people
Aug Distribute to woman homeless shelters with food and clothes, and Hamberger dinner served
Aug 1st container to El Salvador with LED Light, lady tanktop, diaper, ..
Sep El Salvador container arrived .
Sep 2nd Mario distribue 4 pallets of goods to Guatemala
28-Sep ship a container to Nicaragua With LED light, baby cloths, cookie, woman shirt, purse..
9-Jul distribution downtown homeless and local church for drink and cookies
Nov 10, 2018 Holiday homeless distribution for Turkey meals and clothes, shirt, socks, underwear, ….
>15-Dec Christmas low income distribution for Christmas gifts to 800 families with foothill Unity