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2022 Photos

2022 10/11 Senior Center

Bought 20 wheelchairs locally in El Salvador for our nursing home and Dona Ely’s cancer center

2022 10/1 Preparing For Foothill Event

We are preparing supplies for the Foothill event and a container for Somaliland.

2022 9/20 Senior Center

Local Volunteer Visiting

2022 9/17 Warehouse Sorting

We will have El Salvador container to be ready for shipping scheduled on the end of this month.

2022 9/16 Senior Center

Senior are getting crowded in our senior center. we have to put more beds to share a room.

2022 9/14 Parking Lot Distribution

Distribution for Homeless who are living in the parking lot. We are bring daily necessities for them. Cell charger, underwear, socks, sun block, windshield shades , LED light, jackets, mask, blankets, towels, , tooth brush and toothpaste…. Thanks for all the donors It bring warmth to their hearts

2022 9/6 Container For Somaliland

We have loaded a container for Somaliland today!

2022 9/2 Loading Container to Burma

Ling is loading container for Bruma today, thank you!

2022 8/31 Container arrives in Nauru

The donated materials include desks and chairs, English extracurricular reading materials, anti-epidemic masks, foot balls, children’s shoes, hats and clothing, etc., with a total of about 580 boxes, all of which are student supplies, the beneficiary students are estimated to reach more than 900 people. Thanks to the help of Ambassador Wang of Nauru

2022 8/27 Foothill Distribution

Distribution for low income families

2022 8/20 Warehouse Preparation

Warehouse preparation for Foothill event.

2022 8/18 Container To Haiti

Due to the epidemic in Haiti and the serious security problems, we sent another container to Haiti today.

2022 8/13 Warehouse Preparation

Thanks for everyone!

2022 8/2 Foothill Distribution

Thank you all for your cooperation today to complete the task successfully. gratitude! -Jenny

2022 7/30 Warehouse Preparation

Today, we’re preparing container for Somaliland and Foothill distribution on 8/2

2022 7/22 Burma Distribution

Thank you Mr. Leng, an enthusiastic volunteer, for assisting in distributing 4,176 of KN95 masks, 120,000 three-layer protective masks, 480 face shields, and 4 boxes of health care products. Thank you for sending vehicles and staff for assisting with the transportation, and the CHIT MYIT TAR foundation for subsidizing gas.

2022 7/21 Burma Distribution

Thanks to Mr. Zhao for leading 5 colleagues and 2 vehicles to assist in transporting the anti-epidemic materials through the bus station to Lashio City in northern Myanmar and Wahima City, Ayeyarwady Province. The anti-epidemic materials include three-layer masks, KN95, PPE protective clothing, face shields, body bags, health products and children's clothing, etc. A total of 26 units benefited. Special thanks: Taiwan Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Foundation, Dharma Drum Mountain and the Four Noble Truths Association of the United States, Guowen Middle School Alumni Association in Taiwan, etc. -Kitty

2022 7/20 Burma Distribution

Thank you all for your help!

2022 7/19 Loading for St. Vincent

We have loaded St Vincent 40 foot container for volcano disaster relief today

2022 7/16  Preparation for Sri Lanka

We're preparing food for Sri Lanka emergency.

2022 7/1/ Container arrives in Burma

The containers for Burma have finally arrived at temple, Two large containers have anti-epidemic materials and medicines to help local hospitals, temples, and nursing homes.

2022 6/11 Warehouse Sorting

Today We are preparing “back to school”distribution for 3000 kids on Aug 2nd event

2022 6/1 Senior Centers

The recent situation of our senior centers, everything is safe under the epidemic.

2022 4/26 Loading container for Somaliland

Somliland container is loaded today

2022 4/22 Loading container for Tuvalu

Tuvalu container is still needed, and it's ok to go out now.

2022 4/9 Warehouse Sorting

We have packed books for three countries in the warehouse today: Honduras, St. kitts , Tuvalu they have been scheduled for shipping out at the end of April, as the shipping date is approaching, we are not accepted any books from now.

2022 4/3 Local Community Distribution

Thanks to all volunteers,it's a great event. 2 thumbs up to all of us. -Cheryl
Walked 12,307 steps, 4.8 miles, and stood for 4 hours today! It's rare to have such a great training opportunity! -Ling Yu

2022 3/23 Loading Container

Today, We are loading container for El Salvador, Pure land Foundatin has dropped off 3 pallets of LED light bulbs to our senior centers and cancer rehab center. total 25 boxes.

2022 3/21 Low Income Families Distribution

In the past two days, every volunteers have been so exhausted. Last week, they went to collect for children’s books. Yesterday, they packed all the books for the Loving Library in Nauru. Today, they distributed 575 anti-epidemic materials and fresh noodles, chips. Thanks for all your work. -Tina

2022 3/19 Warehouse Sorting

Today, We are sorting and packing the books we collected for Nanu. Including books collected by the Fuzhi Foundation and books collected by the Ribbon for Humanitarian charity group, toys, thank you!!!

2022 3/8 Diamond Bar Distribution

Distribute Masks in Senior Center of Diamond Bar.

2022 3/8 Donate To Senior Center

Donate masks to local community senior centers

2022 3/4 Senior Center Birthday Party

Birthday Celebration Party at our Senior Center in El Salvador

2022 2/13 Chinese New Year Distribution

Happy Lunar New Year To Everyone!! Also, Thanks All Volunteers!