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this is a photograph of Martha Ernestina Mercado CerdaMartha Ernestina Mercado Cerda
Martha Ernestina Mercado Cerda is 18-years-old and studied at Guillermo Ampie Lanzas High School in La Conception.

Martha’s father is a teacher and her mother is a secretary. Both of her parents do not make enough money to send to her to a university, but Martha has always been determined to get there. [This is a photo of] Martha’s home, where she lives with her parents and her sister:


When she finished her secondary school, Martha decided to study nursing because she likes to help people. She decided to study at a technical school because they are more affordable for her parents thana university. Martha’s parents pay $15 for tuition and about $50 for transportation and food each month so that Martha can pursue her dream of becoming a professional nurse.


Martha is very grateful for the opportunity to learn and use the new computers at her school. She said, “When I arrived at school I did not know anything about how to use a computer, but now I can use one. I want to tell those responsible for the computers ‘Thank you very much!’, because nowadays I can do my homework and research using the computer. And I am sure that I am going to be successful because I can use this technology.”


Martha says, “I like to put my knowledge to use, so I usually take the blood pressure of my parents regularly. Honestly, I want to be a nurse because one of my dreams is to help elderly people. They are the people who need my help the most.”