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Project Log: 2005

This is the complete log of SimplyHelp projects and activities that occurred during the year 2005.

December Activities

Dec. 25, 2005
SimplyHelp Supports the U.S. Air Force Reserves in "Operation Teddy Bear" bringing holiday joy to the local elementary schools of low-income communities during the Christmas season.

Dec. 17, 2005
Volunteers distributed gifts and sandwiches to the homeless in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Dec. 12, 2005
SimplyHelp sent $5,000.00 to purchase school supplies, equipments and gifts for Ben Franklin Elementary School students in hurricane Katrina disaster area in New Orleans.

Dec. 8, 2005
40 volunteers distributed holiday gifts and made 600 sandwiches for 400 low-income people in Long Beach.

November Activities

Nov. 20, 2005
One container with donations was sent to El Salvador.

October Activities

Oct. 25, 2005
One container sent from SimplyHelp East Coast to El Salvador including new clothes, chairs, desks and computers for flood victims.

Oct. 22, 2005
SimplyHelp sent one container to Guatemala with food, winter clothes, 20,000lb.rice and medical supplies for flood victims.

Oct. 14, 2005
Sent 2 container to El Salvador with clothes, food and new desks and chairs for flood victims.
Sent one container to Cambodia for drought victims including 5.000lb.rice and computers for the SimplyHelp computer training center.

Oct. 7, 2005
Sent a 40-foot contrainer with new desks, clothes, household items and gifts to Panama.

September Activities

Sept. 11, 2005
Volunteers distributed donated goods in Texas to hurricane Katrina refugees from New Orleans. SimplyHelp donated $30,000.00 for emergency relief.

Sept. 6, 2005
First time participation in United Nation Non-Governmental Organizations Meeting.

August Activities

Aug. 7, 2005
SimplyHelp sends USD 480 per year to the Cambodian students in the English Classes, for students who cannot afford college tuition.
SimplyHelp will assist in the construction of a well in a local Cambodian town.
SimplyHelp sent a container with new school desks, fabrics and clothing to Cambodia. The new school desks were donated by Raymond.

July Activities

Jul. 3, 2005
SimplyHelp send rice to the Taiwan HukoShung Convalescent Hospital to help 240 mentally delayed children and adults.

June Activities

Jun. 12, 2005
Nicaragua: The Computer and Sewing Vocational Training Courses were set up in the middle school. SimplyHelp will cover all the teachers’ costs.
SimplyHelp will also send a 20ft. container with food and toys and clothing.
Distributor: Volunteers will be going to Nicaragua to distribute the goods. Traveling costs will be on their own expenses.

May Activities

May 16, 2005
張佩芬 donated 10000lbs rice to donate to El Salvadoran’s in need.
Purpose: Charity for the poor.
Contains: Food and toys, clothing etc. (20 ft container)
Distributor: SimplyHelp East Coast, volunteers visited the site and helped to distribute the goods.
SimplyHelp’s second elderly shelter in El Salvador will soon be completed.

May 15, 2005
護國 Shrine donated rice.
Destination: North Korea
Purpose: Charity for the poor.
Contains: Food and toys, clothing etc. (20 ft container)
Distributor: With Korean priest’s assistance.

March Activities
Mar. 7, 2005

Mr. Lee donated 10,000 lbs. of rice, Nestle and President companies donated all the canned food for this shipment.
Destination: Nicaragua
Purpose: Charity for the poor.
Contains: Food and toys.

SimplyHelp provided all the equipment for a new Computer Vocational Training Center in Nicaragua. The center offers free education for the poor. The Dou family donated all the equipment.

February Activities

Feb. 21, 2005

SimplyHelp sent a container to Cambodia. Container contains: 22 sets of new and used computers, textile fabrics, clothes, toys and rice. The donations are for Cambodian’s in need as well as the Computer and Sewing Vocational Training Center. Computer sponsored by Christina Yuan.

Feb. 15, 2005
SimplyHelp donates 1000KG Rice / Per month to the Xiangyuan Sanatorium in Taiwan. Rice sponsored by Chi Mama and Hsu Family and goes to 240 disabled children and adults living at the Sanatorium.

January Activities

Jan. 31, 2005

SimplyHelp shipped a third container and thanks Venerable Chao Chu for donating medicine.
Destination: Sri Lanka
Purpose: Tsunami Relief
Contains: Half of a container with medicine and the other half with goods.
Distributor: Sri Lanka Health Department.

Jan. 16, 2005
Second container shipped.
Destination: Sri Lanka
Purpose: Tsunami Relief
Contains: Food and clothing
Distributor: Sri Lanka Console

Jan. 2
SimplyHelp shipped a 40 ft. container with 400+ food boxes and 500+ clothing boxes to Sri Lanka for Tsunami Relief. The donations were distributed by Sri Lanka Console and the shipping cost have been sponsored by Wan’s Enterprise.