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Relief Work

Tropical Storm Stan 2005
The SimplyHelp Foundation has been an active player in the relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts following Tropical Storm Stan, which hit Guatemala the week of October 4, 2005. SimplyHelp Volunteers collected various donations and supplies and sent a full container to Guatemala for distribution.

On October 4, Hurricane Stan generated torrential rains that lasted for over five days, causing severe flooding and deadly mudslides. On October 5, the Government of Guatemala declared a national disaster. The death toll was highest in Guatemala, which suffered more than 900 landslides, some burying entire villages.

Most of the dead were concentrated in the populous highland regions of Guatemala. Even prior to the storm the highland areas were characterized by high poverty and malnutrition rates, so these communities were especially vulnerable to the additional impacts of Stan. It is estimated that some 3.5 million Guatemalans (30% of the population) suffered either loss of life, property or access to basic services.