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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
2014 Youth Ambassadors Nomination Activities
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County Of Los Angeles

The Seal of Los Angeles CountyOur organization participates in the Surplus Property Donation Program of the County of Los Angeles. Click For More Information

2021 Photos

2021 12/22 Distribution For Low Income Families

We distributed Christmas gifts to 1500 low-income families on Monday and yesterday. We bought quilts, instant noodles, kids masks, and Donor donated adult sports masks. Everyone is very happy. Thank you for your love and wish you all a Merry Christmas Tina

2021 12/20 Distribution For Low Income Families

Great job, thank you!

2021 11/7 Donate Hand Sanitizer

Donate Hand Sanitizer to local church

2021 11/6 Warehouse Sorting

Preparing gifts for Thanksgiving

2021 11/6 Donate Hand Sanitizer

Donate Hand Sanitizer to local community FFDY (Foundation For Disabled Youth)

2021 11/3 Egg Rolls Distribution

Egg rolls are distributed in the local community

2021 10/30  Warehouse Sorting

Pareparing container for St. kitts

2021 10/29 Car Homeless Distribution

A cold night distribution near LA convention center!

2021 10/26 Car Homeless Distribution

It was a cold day distribution to car homeless last night and was dark very early. We provided quilts, scarves, socks, hats, LED lights, phones charger, anti-epidemic supplies, and mobile tables, etc. Thank you for your donations -Tina

2021 10/21 Ship a container to EL Salvador

Due to the worsening of the epidemic situation in El Salvador, today we ship an PPE container to Dona Ely, Mr. Cai, and our senior centers.

2021 9/26 Visitng Nursing Center

We brought 10 boxes of biscuits for the elderly in nursing homes

2021 9/6 Welcome to visit of the Prime Minister

Welcome to visit of the Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis, He is very grateful for our help and thank all donors!

2021 9/4  Receive blanket for Haiti

We have received all the blankets purchased for Haiti, Thanks all donors, all the boxes have been place on pallets ready to be shipped. Please check the videos for more information

2021 7/25 Warehouse Sorting

We\'re preparing PPE containers for Africa, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and El Salvador. Thanks to all donors and volunteers.

2021 2/14 Valentine\'s Day in Senior Centers

幫幫忙基金會 薩爾瓦多老人院 慶祝情人節

2021 1/27 Container received in Nicaragua

幫幫忙基金會3個愛心貨櫃到達尼加拉瓜,捐贈給尼國天災防治署(SINAPRED)由署長Xochilt Cortés代表接受愛心物資。3個貨櫃中,2個有超過2000箱愛心物資包含LED燈及衣服、就學及家庭等物品,皆屬中下階層家庭生活所需用品。加上1個愛心布料貨櫃 (1071 rolls 布料, 可以做衣服,窗簾,床單等等)。物資及布料都已於第一時間送到最弱勢家庭手中。

2021 1/27 Container arrive in El Salvador

El Salvador container just arrived .

2021 1/6 Donate Masks

SimplyHelp cares for homeless at Safe Parking by providing KN95 masks, masks, blankets, hygiene items, toiletry, socks...etc during Covid-19. Nobody Plans to Be Homeless - In Los Angeles County, there are over 15,700 people living in their vehicles each night. These vehicle dwellers represent over 25% of the population of people experiencing homelessness in LA County. Safe parking refers to a night-time program for people who are experiencing homelessness and sleeping in their vehicles at night, providing a safe and stable place to park the vehicle, remain compliant with local laws, and have access to restroom facilities. Currently there are 14 safe parking spot locations to service 200 individuals each night with restroom access, a security guard, and social service resources while during the day the clients go to work or go to school.

2021 1/4 Disaster relief for Honduras

Disaster relief container for Honduras has arrived! 幫幫忙基金會得知宏都拉斯因風災造成嚴重災害,立刻募集物資送至宏國,包括食物、衣服、鞋子、毯子、防疫物資,另還有小孩的玩具及文具用品等。此貨櫃捐贈給宏國緊急應變委員會(COPECO),將幫助更多家庭度過此次災害。