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Personal Success Stories From Cambodia

Vocational Training: Cambodia

this is a photograph of SophatSophat
The current computer teacher, Sophat, is a young man from a rural area in Cambodia.  Due to an accident in his early childhood, his right leg no longer functions, significantly reducing his job opportunities elsewhere. 

Sophat joined the SimplyHelp computer school in 2002 as a volunteer.  His hard work and dedication to the computer school have allowed him to work at the school as a teacher since 2003, and he continues to be well loved by his students.

this is a photograph of Sreyvon ChrengSreyvon Chreng
Sreyvon Chreng is a young girl who has benefited from training in tailoring. After her mother and father died from AIDS, the responsibility of caring for her three younger siblings fell upon her. 

“The SimplyHelp school didn’t just give me a skill to make a living, they gave me life itself,” said Chreng. “I beg you to continue programs for vocational schools to help many other poor Cambodians that might face tragic events in life like I did.”

this is a photograph of Mom PhoeunMom Phoeun
Mom Phoeun, a boy living in a rural Cambodian village called Por, lost his father at a young age before his mother began to suffer from long-term health problems.

Mom Phoeun said his mother’s only source of income came from cow herding, which was not enough when it came time to pay her medical bills. Just as their poverty was becoming too severe for Mom Phoeun and his mother, SimplyHelp began its tailoring school in Por. Mom Phoeun attended SimplyHelp’s tailoring school, learned his trade, and went on to run a successful tailoring shop from his home. He is able to distinguish himself from his competition through his specialization in fashionable young men’s clothing.

Mom Phoeun proudly proclaimed, “All the young men come to me because I know the latest modern fashion.” With SimplyHelp’s tailoring classes, Mom Phoeun has become self-sufficient and is able to provide for his mother’s health expenses.