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2023 Photos

2023 12/27 Loading Container

The ninth container for Myanmar contains baby milk powder, chocolate nutritional milk, biscuits…

2023 12/20 Distribution

The Simplyhelp Foundation and Foothill Unity Center jointly organized an event to send love to low-income families, helping 1,000 children from low-income families celebrate the holidays. Due to the epidemic, in-person holiday distribution was suspended, but this year we finally resumed sending care to the Botanical Garden. On Christmas Eve, the SimplyHelp Foundation held its 16th annual event to send love to low-income families at the Arcadia of The Arboretum. This charity event was jointly organized by the SimplyHelp Foundation and Foothill UnityCenter. This year, 1,000 families Return with a full load of gifts and enjoy the festive season. This time, we prepared kid’s footballs, drinks, PPE, etc. and Foothill Unity prepared Christmas food, gifts, also some supplies from manufacturer donors. Jingle bells~ How loud the bells are! The arrival of Christmas represents a joyful atmosphere, but many poor children cannot receive Christmas gifts full of blessings like you and me. Children are the hope of the future. Letting children grow up in an environment full of love is also an important factor in cultivating a sound personality. Let’s help the Foundation prepare a Christmas gift of love for poor children. The most anticipated part of the Christmas season is opening presents. Are you happy to see your family’s bright smiles after receiving Christmas gifts? However, you know what? While we are immersed in the joy of opening gifts, many poor children dare not have extravagant hopes for receiving Christmas gifts. Therefore, Simplyhelp Foundation launches activities to send love to children every year. This year, Simplyhelp Foundation and Foothill Unity Center jointly organized an event to send love to low-income families. Over the past few years, more than 800 low-income families have received gifts such as ham, potatoes, pumpkin pie, and Christmas trees through this joint distribution event every year, and spent a happy Christmas. This year we saw that about 1,000 children from low-income families were able to receive Christmas gifts through this event. Thanks to all the volunteers for their help on the day of work.

2023-12-16 Warehouse Sorting

We have received donation of 36 pallets of shoes with different types and size, all volunteers are doing hard work for sorting.

2023 12/1 Distribution

Palmdale distribution to local homeless on the street

2023 12/1 Container Arrives

Containers from the Simplyhelp Foundation to Myanmar are arriving one after another. This container is baby food, condensed milk

2023 11/27  Container Arrives

The war in Myanmar is now at its most intense, and it is also when the people need supplies the most. Our containers are arriving locally one after another. This is the fifth container. This container contains shoes, milk, beans, soda, diapers, and biscuits. It has begun to distribute to local refugees

2023 11/20 Gifts For Patients

Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work so that we can continue to help people in need. Hope homeless people can get the warmth of food, medicine, and daily necessities they need -- Tina

2023 11/18 Torrance

Partnering with Ribbon to distribute winter package bags to Torrance homeless They also make sandwiches and fruit salads

2023 11/17 Distribution in Los Angeles

Today we sent 5 pallets of supplies to Pastor Salvador Soto’s church for homeless distribute in Los Angeles, also gave out 3 pallets of goodies to the homeless in Palmdale for Pastor Mario.

2023 11/17 Distribution

Warmth in the cold winter Simplyhelp cooperated with “Hometown Gift Bag Sharing” have prepared 200 gift bags for homeless on 11/17, including: two blankets, cold hats, scarves, gloves, socks, wet wipes, toilet paper, soda, and coffee. These 200 gift bags will be delivered to the homeless people within one or two weeks. We hope that these homeless people will have enough equipment to survive the upcoming cold winter. On 11/17, 60 hot lunch boxes were prepared and delivered to the homeless people. They received the gifts were very happy and expressed their gratitude! Thanks to all volunteers and donors and best wishes to all of them and pray that they will get out of trouble soon

2023 11/14 Homeless Gifts

Today we distributed about forty bags to people who call their cars home. Sleeping in a car in the winter is difficult. I hope the gift of blanket can keep them warm (their response is a heart-eyed smile) -- Ling
SimplyHelp continues to care for homeless at Safe Parking. We had an opportunity to visited 3 Safe Parking locations, and were able to provide power banks, KN95 masks, masks, flash lights, snacks, hygiene items, toiletry, socks…etc for the clients. -- Amy

2023 11/11 Container For Burma

Loaded the eighth container in Myanmar, 24 pallets of baby milk powder -- Tina

2023 11/11 Distribution Preparation

Prepare handbags to distribute to homeless people.

2023 11/7 Senior Center 4 Expansion

There are already 49 elderly people living in our Senior Center 4, but it was too full, So local and European NGOs spent $30,000 to build a building next to it. A large house can accommodate 12 elderly people, also they bought beds, wheelchairs and televisions, we now support 168 elderly people every month. They are all very grateful to everyone for giving them a warm home.

2023 11/7 Homecar Distribution

Distribution to homeless who stay in cars on 11/7 morning. 17 veterans homelessness live in the VA hospital parking lot

2023 11/5 Distribution Trip

Our representative went to Tijuana Mexico to distribute the soda water

2023 11/3 Container Arrival

The third container in Myanmar has just arrived and is being unloaded. There are motorcycle helmets they need in the container

2023 11/4 Warehouse Packing

The weather has turned cold, and we are starting to prepare gifts for homeless. The gifts have quilts, hats, scarves and other warm clothes, hoping to bring them warmth and care. There are 100 gift boxes packed

2023 10/31 Loading Container

The 7th container to Burma has completed loading.

2023 10/28 Warehouse Packing

Preparing supplies for Burma. During 3 months , we have sent 7 of 40 foot containers to Myanmar, Helping out people in the middle of the domestics war fighting, We have loaded computers, medicines, medical equipment, baby food , chocolates milk , dry noodle, shoes, clothes, diaper, toys, hand bags , Walker, wheelchair Thanks for all donors to support our efforts -Tina

2023 10/24 Homecar Distribution

Last night, we distributed quilts, hats, car umbrellas, snacks, etc. to the homeless people living in cars to keep them warm in winter, as well as hot food from the Care Mission USA Foundation. Let them know we care. They work during the day and live in a government-managed parking lot because they can’t pay the rent -- Tina 10/25

2023 10/21 Warehouse

Today, we have prepared containers in the warehouse to send to Guatemala and San Vicente before the end of the year. We have also packed 110 bags of winter warm gifts for homeless live in the parking lot 6 locations and will distribute them next week. The two containers of Belize and St. Lucia prepared last week have been put on the cargo ship and will arrive in about 40 days.

2023 9/24 Senior Center

El Salvador’s senior center no. 4 Is celebrating with local church

2023 9/9 Warehouse

Prepare 4 containers and distribute them to three countries (Burma, Belith, and Nauru) and two to Burma.

2023 8/8 Foothill Distribution

Thank you very much for your help, we were able to successfully complete the task, more than 600 gift bags delivery with one-stop operation, sincerely thank You Ling for joining at the end, allowing the team to complete the task quickly - Jenny
Simplyhelp participate the distribution event "back to school" at Santa Anita race track today. A total of 600 bags were distributed to low-income families, thanks for all your help -Tina

2023 8/5 Warehouse Preparation

We're preparing materials for distribution next Tuesday. 8/8/2023 from 8:30 - 4:00 pm. it has currently 750 registered families, but are expecting 1100-1200 children.

2023 8/2 Local Community Distribution

We are delivery the health care supplies to local senior center and Thai temple in Pomona

2023 8/1 Local Community Distribution

We are delivery the health care supplies to local senior center and temple in Pomona.

2023 7/8 Containers For Burma

The effort for SimplyHelp is to hope that the world will be better tomorrow! -Jenny Chen Hope the world will be better tomorrow. Isn't that exactly what SimplyHelp is currently doing? Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and selfless dedication -Ling Yu

2023 7/1 Container For Burma #2

Preparing all pallets for Burma

2023 6/29 Loading materials for Burma #1

Loading 14 pallets from local Burma temple to warehouse

2023 6/21 Loading Container

Everyone worked hard last Saturday, two containers are ready, one for the Burmese people in the war, a food container and shoes, one for hungry New Mexico food bank to feed 750 low-income families today, the container in New Mexico will be delivered to the local area for two days

2023 6/17 Shipping Preparation

Everyone worked hard today You have two containers ready One for the Burmese people in war, One for hungry New Mexico food bank to feed 750 low-income families

2023 5/20 Foothill Distribution

Good Job! -Tina

2023 4/18 Senior Centers

El Salvador Senior Center #4: seniors went to the pools for mobility therapy. SimplyHelp Foundation has 5 senior centers in El Salvador. Now there are 152 old people

2023 4/7 Donate To Hospital

Donate To City of Hope Hospital

2023 4/4 Donate To Local Community

Donate To Hope Family Resource Center

2023 4/2 Gifts For Homeless

Gifts For Homeless

2023 4/1 Warehouse

Preparing Donation For Local Communities

2023 3/31 Donate to Local Communities

Donate to Local Communities

2023 3/30  Senior Center Distribution

Distribution activities in Chinatown Los Angeles

2023 3/29 Donate To Local Communities

Thanks to volunteers Serena and Henry who drove a truck for 7 hours, filled it with mochi and chocolate milk, and sent it to riverside 3 schools for low-income students. The children loved it very much.

2023 3/28 Donate Parts For Education School

Delivered a container of motocycle parts to Dona Ely vocational school in El Salvador last month. They opened a motorcycle training center and create an opportunities for vocational training for young people

2023 3/23 Donate To Local Communities

Donate To Local Communities

2023 3/10-3/19 Gifts

Donate gifts for homeless in Temple City park

2023 3/3 Container For Nauru

Nauru’s container has been loaded on Monday, toys, shoes, clothes, football

2023 3/1 Donate To Local Communities

Thai Temple: 5 boxes of Almond butter delivered!

2023 2/25 Gift For Homeless

Just gave away 11 large coats to homeless people. They were so happy, because I heard from a homeless said “it was so bad that all the blankets and clothes were wet”, so we decided to run home and get all the large coats, and gave to them. By end, everyone was so happy. Also, we distributed nearly 20 gift bags and all the boxes filled with pineapple cakes loaded this morning. Thanks to Tina -Ling Yu

2023 2/25 Warehouse Preparation

Prepare for local distribution in the community

2023 2/19 -2/21 Gifts For Homeless

Thanks local Lancaster church help us to distribution in the Palmdale last night to homeless who sleep on the streets, it will be snow tonight -Tina 2/22/23

2023 2/11 Turkey Earthquake Disaster Relief

Although very busy today, everyone did a great job, we are a group of good teams, thank Amy’s Dad for helping us take pictures⋯⋯

2023 2/5 Gifts For Homeless

Gifts For Homeless

2023 1/24 Gifts For Homeless

Homeless people they love the ski glove, because it is too cold living in the car.

2023 1/21 Gifts for FFDY

Delivery to FFDY (Foundation For Disabled Youth)

2023 1/21 Gifts for local Senior Center

Prepare gifts for senior center distribution next week

2023 1/15 Gifts for Homeless

01/15/2023 1:40-1:50 Farmermarket Rosemead Blvd in Temple city

2023 1/14 Prepare For Local Distribution

Prepare gifts for low income patients at hospital in city of Hope.

2023 1/13 Distribution in Africa

Today’s distribution events at two orphanages in Ghana, Africa

2023 1/12 Gifts For Homeless

SimplyHelp Holiday Distribution with Safe Parking (provides safe overnight parking to facilitate stability and housing in Los Angeles County for individuals living in their vehicles) at Bob Blumenfield, Los Angeles City Councilmember for the 3rd Council District office.

2023 1/11 Local Senior Center Distribution

At the beginning of the new year, the Simplyhelp Foundation organized the "Spring Festival Warmth" charity event to care for 290 seniors, sending daily necessities and food to Cathay Building(senior center), hoping to bring them warmth in the cold winter. Let the seniors feel the warmth of the society, and hope that the kindhearted people in the society will pay more attention to the warmth of the society.

2023 1/7 Prepare for Distribution

We’re preparing the gifts for the distribution on Wednesday in Chinatown Senior center and Homeless parking lot on Thursday.

2023 1/5 Container For Honduras

Happy new year to all, There are three containers out this week, a Honduras container loaded yesterday, a St. Vincent containers is loading today, and a Salvador container for tomorrow. Thanks to all the donors


01/04/2023 9:30am in Arcadia park

2023-01-02-donate-to -local-community

Thanks to Frank for his assistance in contacting, we successfully delivered the winter warming supplies (45 sets of fur hats + scarves) provided by the Simplyhelp to Hongxing Temple(泓星寺).