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Project Overview

Growing old is not easy, but can be even more difficult for those in need who lack the resources necessary to aging gracefully. SimplyHelp recognized that the numbers of homeless elderly in El Salvador were in need of assistance, and established senior centers that would cater to their needs. The first two senior centers for homeless elderly were built in beautiful Lourdes Colon, and are managed by Pastor Soto and his devoted church members.

With the support of SimplyHelp, the first women-only senior center was built by volunteers from Pastor Soto’s church, and opened in 2003. Due to the high demand for homeless senior shelters, and the success of the first center, a second senior center for men-only, adjacent to the first center, was built by volunteers from Pastor Soto’s church. It opened in 2004.

The Mayor of Cojutepeque learned about SimplyHelp’s aid and support for homeless seniors and asked us to build a senior center in his city. The Mayor donated the land and SimplyHelp provided the financing for the construction of the center. Volunteers from Pastor Soto’s church provided the labor.

This third senior center was opened in 2010, offering shelter to 36 men and women.

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Operations of the Homeless Shelters for the Elderly:
The dedicated members of Pastor Soto’s church who helped build the centers also manage the daily operations of the center.

The homeless elderly living in these senior centers:
• Are able to shower daily
• Receive 3 nutritious meals a day
• Have access to health care
• Enjoy entertaining activities
• Are provided a funeral service and burial when they pass away

All three senior centers also function as adult day-care centers for other seniors in the community.

All services at the senior centers are provided for free.

1st & 2nd Senior Center
Two women work Monday through Saturday at the center for a nominal wage. They lovingly care for the elderly residents themselves, and also spend time ensuring the cleanliness of the center.  A local doctor provides health care.

On Sundays, the church members help cook for, feed,  bathe, and entertain the seniors. The volunteers also help clean the center.

3rd Senior Center
A manager and two cooks live at the senior center, and provide daily monitoring of the seniors.

4rd Senior Center
2011-07-14 4th Senior Center Ground Breaking

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The forth senior center is building up the wall now. it will be finished around July this year (2012)

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4th Senior Adoption Program Open: For $120 ($10 per month) per year you can provide a formerly homeless senior with a warm bed, hot meals, medical care, and a chance to feel loved and cared for in the final stage of their life.

2012-08-17 Update Information

Due to the soaring price, the adoption program fee has changed to $180 /year (or $15 per month).

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Dear All, Our 4th senior center in El Salvador will be complete on December 7th

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Thanks for your support, it is Simplyhelp Senior Center #4 grand opening and distribution day.

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2014-04-17 New Construction Plan for Senior Center No.5

2014-07-11 Senior center No.5 construction completed and start prepare the equipment

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2015-07-26 Senior Center No.5 visiting and distribution

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For senior adoption, please click here