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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
2014 Youth Ambassadors Nomination Activities
What is ECOSOC?

County Of Los Angeles

The Seal of Los Angeles CountyOur organization participates in the Surplus Property Donation Program of the County of Los Angeles. Click For More Information

Domestic Project

2023 3/26 Donate To Local Community

Donation delivered to Huo Kuo temple in Anaheim

2023 3/24 Donate To Local Communities

Donate To
(1) cardinal Yu Pin manor at Norwalk
(2) WoodruffConvalescent Center, bellflower, CA

2023 3/23 Donate To Local Communities

Donate To
1. Chino Senior Center
2. Hope Resource Center
3. Middle Land Temple

2023 3/19 Gifts For Homeless

In Temple city park

2023 3/10 Gifts For Homeless

Photo taken on 3/10 4:50 pm at temple city park.

2023 3/1 Donate

Thai Temple: 5 boxes of Almond butter delivered!

2023 2/25 Gifts For Homeless

Just gave away 11 large coats to homeless people. They were so happy, because I heard from a homeless said “it was so bad that all the blankets and clothes were wet”, so we decided to run home and get all the large coats, and gave to them. By end, everyone was so happy.

Also, we distributed nearly 20 gift bags and all the boxes filled with pineapple cakes loaded this morning.🙏👍👍👍
Thanks to Tina

-Ling Yu