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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
2014 Youth Ambassadors Nomination Activities
What is ECOSOC?

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2014 Calendar

Date Location Project
2014-01-11 Los Angeles, USA Distributing toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, socks, jackets, underwear to Homeless shelter in city of Bell. About 400 people.
2014-01-25 Los Angeles, USA Sending 2 containers to Honduras and 1 container to Dominican Republic for humanitarian needs. Total 4 containers of clothes, handbags, school supplies, shoes.
2014-01-29 Los Angeles, USA Sending one Containers to Guatemala and Panama. Container of clothes, handbags, school supplies, shoes.
2014-02-01 Los Angeles, USA Sending one Container to El Salvador for homeless center. Furniture and blankets, clothes, wheel chairs, shoes, suitcases, handbags.
2014-02-20 Los Angeles USA Sending one Humanitarian goods of container to Nicaragua. Computers, handbags
2014 03/10-3/14 USA United Nations representative participate the CSW events.
2014-03-13 Panama Humanitarian goods of container to Panama. Suitcases and handbags for storm victims.
2014-06-05 Los Angeles USA humanitarian goods of container to Haiti and Honduras for school supplies, medical equipment, Can food.
2014-06-29 Los Angeles, USA Long Beach Health fair to distribute low income families rice, instant noodle, can food. Work with Cambodia health professionals.
2014-07-17 Honduras Travel to Honduras for distribution with First Lady with 5 containers of toys, clothes, medical supplies, shoes, backpack, suitcases, school supplies, blankets, rice, can food to kids and families.
2014-08-30 Los Angeles, USA vising single mother homeless shelter for back to school program in Los Angeles. Distribute uniforms and backpack, school supplies and food to 18 families.
2014-11-16 Los Angeles, USA visiting pathways homeless shelter for Thanking giving holiday distribution. Bring turkey, soap, tooth brush and tooth paste. Socks, winter jacket, woman sweaters to 500 adult homeless..
2014-11-22 Los Angeles, USA New Jersey fundraising party raising money for El Salvador homeless shelter daily expenses.
2014-12-22 Los Angeles, USA Christmas Holiday distribution toys to 800 low income families. Approximate 1500 children