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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
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What is ECOSOC?

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El Salvador has been ravaged by civil wars and a succession of natural disasters.This small country is the most densely populated country of the Americas, and social inequality and susceptibility to earthquakes have made economic sustainability very difficult.

Vocational Training

SimplyHelp has been active in El Salvador since 2002 and has established a close relationship with former First Lady Elizabeth Calderon’s non-profit organization, the Comité de Proyección Social El Salvador (CPS), or Social Outreach Committee of El Salvador. CPS has been providing humanitarian aid in El Salvador for 22 years, and operates 11 vocational training schools in El Salvador.

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Senior Centers

In 2003, SimplyHelp began sponsoring the construction of senior centers to care for the homeless elderly. The initiative originated from a lack of services for the homeless elderly in El Salvador, despite the high demand.

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Relief Work

SimplyHelp has been involved in disaster relief efforts in El Salvador since 2001.

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