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2012-07-18 Promotion 40 th and 41 st.

Dear MS Tina Bow:

The class promotion 40th was finished already.
New class of 41st started from July 16 th. Kindly inform you about
computer class active as below:

A/ Computer class 40th promotion was finished on 9 th July.

B/ On 10 th -- 13 th July, we begin taking new students application
(register), interview and select suitable students for new class.

C/ On 14 th July 09:00 am Ceremony Graduate Day of 40th promotion and
the new class of 41th promotion opening ceremony.
Teacher Mr. Phuong Sophat introduced active Simply Help in US and in
Cambodia. He informed some of the rule regulation of class.
He mentioned about active students was graduated many promotions
before. After graduated Simply Help allowed them volunteer for
continue to practice. They have occasion continue to practice and they
got lots of experience improve more and more. Most of volunteer were
successful get job with Computer skill graduated from Simply Help.

Then Mr. Vuthi ‘ s speech what is Simply Help Organization and how
precious funds from donor that we should be grateful.
-He encourage student to study hard for get one real skill to improve
to work in the future when finished from Simply Help.
-Simply Help have small budget but can help lots of people have skill.
-Mentioned must consider before believe what is right or wrong, what
is true or not?
-The reason give something free to the poor is not good, some examples
…………… , must remind oneself don’t do what he comment free is
poison try to do free to be positive, useful to us.
-How to concentrate mind to study, how living with happiness:
Education is important included practice Buddhism also. Of course he
mentioned if possible practice meditation mostly lead our mind clear
so we are living to improve.
Then top of three students impression.
1-Mr. Orpov Sovi Vorth, 1996 (number 3) : He was happy that was
graduated from Simply Help org. computer class is the third among top
three students in class. Thank you very much to teachers, volunteers,
donors Simply Help and ADoc, PTC have successful.
2-Mr. Din Sok Reach, 1994 (number 2) : He was happy to study at
Simply Help org., he can practiced directly with computer almost full
time after teacher explain. He studied understood well by teacher
teach on slide screen. He get good result became he tried come to
study never absent. He said thanks so much to Simply Help org. to
teachers, volunteer.
3-Miss Peng Sothea, 1993 (number 1) : Happy to study at Simply Help
computer class, good teacher, new computers. Simply Help give basic of
computer to the students, if no basic computer skill they study at
university not good because university not provide computer to student
practice directly two hours as Simply Help. She appreciated Simply
Help and remind students promotion 41st must try to study hard.

Then end gave some small present to top of three students in class and
show movie for enjoy on Graduation Day.

New class of 41st promotion started 16 July already, I will report
later amount of student register.

See attached some pictures please.

Best Regards,

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