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Project Log: 2000

This is the complete log of SimplyHelp projects and activities that occurred during the year 2000.

December Activities

SimplyHelp sent a fourth truck full of furniture, electrical items, new shoes, toys, tooth brush and underwear to the Orphanage and the Correction Institution in Mexico.

Simply Help sent another truck full of furniture and electrical items to Correction Institution and Orphanage in Mexico.

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Simply Help delivered materials to local people living on James M Wood Street in Los Angeles.

SimplyHep shipped 2 full trucks of furniture and electrical items to the Correction institution and Orphanage in Mexico.

November Activities

SimplyHelp shipped a container to El Salvador, donated by Yen Ping Yan. Bonilla visited Central and South America again.

October Activities

SimplyHelp distributed materials to local needy families living on James M Wood Street in Los Angeles.

SimplyHelp participated in the Double Ten celebration, and set up a booth to sell dolls for charity. This fundraiser served to build up a fund for SimplyHelp Operations and a fund for shipping fees to South America.

September Activities

SimplyHelp sent out two 12 foot containers to El Salvador, donated by Mario and Waco Dou. The containers contained mattresses, furniture and electric items and have been donated to a Charity Institution whom will distribute the donations to the needy families.

Bonilla, a SimplyHelp volunteer, went to Central and South America to inspect the shipped containers and visit the villages receiving the donated goods.

SimplyHelp sent out three containers donated by Jay Yinter, The Red Family LP, to El Salvador. The town Chalchuapa has distributed the donations to the needy families in the area.

August Activities

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Laura Rivera, wife of co-founder Mario Rivera, visited poor areas in Central and South America, and inspected the containers with donations that had been shipped by SimplyHelp to these areas.

A twelve foot truck was donated by Tina Bow. This brings the total number of SimplyHelp vehicles to 4: The truck, the original van and the two vehicles for picking up and shipping donations.

Assisted by Mr. Huang, the SimplyHelp hotline (213)787-9617 was established.

July Activities

SimplyHelp has been registered and founded in Los Angeles.

April Activities

Mario Rivera, the SimplyHelp co-founder, visited poor areas in Central and South America, and inspected the container with donations SimplyHelp shipped to the area.

March Activities

SimplyHelp shipped out a container with donations to Honduras.