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Vocational Training Programs in La Libertad
Centro de Formacion Integral La Libertad
In 2009, the SimplyHelp Foundation sponsored the construction of the Vocational Training School in La Libertad, a destitute fishing village in El Salvador. SimplyHelp provided this vocational training school because of the increasing demand for workers at hotels and restaurants to meet a rise in tourism from wealthy, chillseeking Western tourists.

Project Overview

El Centro de Formación Integral de La Libertad offers vocational training to low- income persons ages 16 and up. The school focuses on serving single mother,s and offers free daycare while mothers are attending classes. The daycare serves children as young as 5- months and as old as 9- years. There are about 18-20 children in each morning and afternoon session.

Classes Offered
• Beauty (hair, nails, make-up)
• Sewing
• Cooking/Baking

In addition to vocational training, the school prepares students for other important basic living skills. Approximately 10-20% of the overall training is devoted to the following life skills:

• Practicing for job interviews
• Preparing for the workplace
• Building self-confidence
• Learning to cope with stress
• Practicing responsibility and commitment
• Improving communication and social skills
• Developing problem-solving and leadership skills
• Understanding personal and family health

People interested in taking classes at the El Centro de Formación Integral de La Libertad fill out an application and undergo a background and income check to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications.

No tuition is charged for any of the classes.

Project Statistics

Beauty Classes
• 13 different classes are offered in hairdressing, nails and make-up
• 20-22 students per class
• A majority of the students are female
• Ages 16-50
• Length of classes vary

Most graduates work for local beauty salons or start their own businesses.

• 8 different classes offered
• 12 students/class
• 4 hrs/class, 2 classes/day
• Mainly older females
• 3-month duration

• 13 different classes offered
• 25-30 students / class
• 4 hrs/class
• Majority of students female
• Ages 16-60
• 6- month course

80% of graduates find a job and 20% start their own businesses.

Students fill out an evaluation form at the end of the course. The most recent evaluation showed that 100% of the students were satisfied with their vocational training. Can’t get better than that!

Age Ranges
13.4% are below 18 years old
36.57 % are between 19-25 years old
27.43 % are between 26-35 years old
14.29% are between 36-45 years ol
5.71% are between 46-55 years old
2.29 % are between 56-65 years old
.57% are 66 years old and above

88.57 % of students are female
11.42% of students are male

Reasons For Attending The School
60% want to work from home or find a part-time job
26% want to find employment upon graduation
14% want to earn an extra income

Income before training (minimum wage is $250/month)
62% have no income
19% earn less than $50/month
13% earn less than $100/month
6% earn less than $200/month

Drop out rate
Only 4% of our students drop out, usually due to health problems or family circumstances.