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Grand Opening Ceremony of new SimplyHelp Computer Training Ctr. in Battambang, Cambodia

Dear All:
1. Since I almost had no information regarding the new training center before I met Mr. Vuthi. The following article is an outline based on the information I got from Mr. Vuthi and after short conversation with Pastor Kosal, Mr. Ponlork & Mr. Tevin from CBIRD Micro Finance Co., LTD. and new instructor Mr. Pisey. Please help me to add necessary detail information and correct whatever is necessary.
2. The information for those who involve in new location and new operation for SimplyHelp Computer Training Center: ( It is not polite to call people by last name for Cambodian. Whoever feel SimplyHelp need to keep their contact information, please do so)
* Mr. Vuthi (Mr. Vuthi Seng), former person in charge of SimplyHelp Computer Training Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
* Pastor Kosal (Mr. Kosal Hun), Trinitiy Lutheran Church Battambang, provide new classroom and facilities. E-mail:kosalhun@yahoo.com
* CBIRD Micro Finance Co., LTD. – Cambodia Business Integrated in Rural Development Organization, Co-Sponsor of SimplyHelp Computer Training Center in Battambang, Cambodia. The Organization is in charge of setup and selects qualified instructor at new location.
* Mr. Michael (Mr. Michael Tam), from CBIRDMF, provided the connection between SimplyHelp and Trinity Lutheran Church Battambang.
* Mr. Tevin (Mr. Tevin Kim), HR Assistant, CBIRDMF, represented Mr. Michael and spoke at the new opening ceremony. E-mail:kimtevin@gmail.com
* Mr. Ponnlork (Mr. Ponlork Sok), CBIRDMF, has been in Battambang for a month to setup all computer equipements, files and library. E-mail:sok.ponlork@gmail.com
* Mr. Pisey ( Mr. Pisey Thorng), new instructor.
3. Total 38 students register for the first class at new center. Classes will be offered every afternoon Monday through Friday and whole morning and afternoon on every Saturday. New Center address is:
Trinity Lutheran Church Battambang, #358 G. 16, AVG, Ochar, Battambang, Cambodia
1. Key speakers – Pastor Kosal, Mr. Vuthi, Mr. Tevin, Daphne represent Tina Bow
2. Since I do not know Cambodian, Mr. Vuthi will provide details text of each person’s speech.
3. The outline of my speech is as follow (Mr. Vuthi helped to translate and add detail information into Cambodian):
* I am so glad to have this opportunity to represent Tina Bow, the founder of SimplyHelp, to join this ceremony.
* I believe God has his own purpose to lead our School to Battambang. Because I can feel young people here need this learning opportunity more than that of for people in the big city.
* Appreciate CBIRD Finance to provide us the connection and chance to let SimplyHelp Computer Training Center be able to be operated continuously. And let more and more young people to obtain new computer technology which will be able to help themselves and their family to get a better life in the future.
* Without Pastor Kosal and all church members’ fully supports, our students will not be able to have such nice classroom and facilities to use.
* Appreciate Acer Computer to donate all computer equipments.
* Thank all Simplyhelp donors and volunteers for supporting this project.
* I also want to use this chance to show our appreciation to Mr. Vuthi and his co-workers for their ten years time and efforts. We are glad Mr. Vuthi will work with us in Los Angeles soon. But I believe all graduated students will miss him.
* Many thanks! Let us keep working together to make this School growing stronger and larger.
* May God bless all of us!


(Sorry, the date/time in the camera didn’t set correctly!)
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