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2012-10-30 Wish List for Senior Center N. 4 Zaragoza

Dear All,

Our 4th senior center in El Salvador will be complete on Decemver 7th, we have been building senior centers since 2004, with a second center in 2005, and a third in 2010. The first and second are in Lourdes,Colon, La Libertad, the third in Cojutepeque, Cabanas, and the fourth in Zaragoza, La Libertad.

Our New Jersey volunteers have devoted themselves toward raising funds to finish this project. We are planning a grand opening on Dec. 7th, 2012.

We are one step closer to get these seniors to move in.  Here is a wish list for our senior center no. 4th before the grand opening.
Our goal is to raise the fund by December 7th.

Let us work hard to get it done.

The fund we raise will purchase items below:  Blankets, Towels,Pillows And Pillow cases,Microwave,Coffee maker(40 cups),Silver Ware,Plates And Soup Bowls,Cups And Saucers,Pitchers, Glasses, Blender,Small Oven(Electric)Kitchen Knife,Potts,Kitchen Utensils,Table Clothes,Wooden Spoons,Trash Can,Dressers And Night Table.

Thank you so much for your generousity.
Tina Bow
SimplyHelp Foundation
Founder & President

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