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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
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SimplyHelp Foundation Privacy Statement

We here at SimplyHelp Foundation (SHF) value your trust. The following online privacy policy is intended to protect and secure the personally identifiable information (any information by which you can be identified) you provide to our organization online via the following websites (urls):

Information We Collect
We collect information from visitors on our websites through online requests including:
• E-newsletters subscriptions
• Applications forms available online
• Contact Requests
The information we collect online includes name, address, city, state, ZIP/postal code, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, age and more. We may also ask you to provide information specific to your organization.

How the Information is Used
We may use your information to complete a transaction, to update you on projects, announce news and events or to personalize our websites for you. We also provide you the opportunity to remove your name from our mailing lists, if you desire to do so. Please review the corresponding section of this privacy policy below (entitled “Opting Out”).

Credit Card Security
SHF is grateful for the donations that help us continue our valuable work. It is very important to us that your personal information remains secure. When you donate to SHF online, your credit card information is secured by a reputable security company (PayPal, formerly known as Verisign). Also, your credit card number is used only for that particular transaction and is not stored on our servers. You will see the “closed” lock symbol in the lower part of your browser screen (often times it is yellow as well) when you are on our secure donation pages. You will also notice in your web site address bar that the domain name starts with an “https” on those donation pages. This means that information entered on those pages is encrypted for your security. This actually makes it more secure than using a credit card in physical form at a store for example. If you have any questions regarding the security of your credit card donation online, please e-mail us, or call 1-213-626-7676 for more information.

Cookie Usage
SHF uses cookies to facilitate authentication and personalization across our web systems. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your Web browser from a Web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. SHF uses only anonymous information (such as IP address) to track how our online visitors use our website. This data is sometimes stored using cookies.

Email Addresses
SHF does not share, sell or otherwise distribute information stored in our mailing lists to any persons outside of the SHF organization or to any other entities. 
If you are currently receiving email from SHF and did not intend to be on our mailing lists and/or no longer wish to receive mail from SHF, send us a short email requesting that you be taken off of our mailing lists at: info@simplyhelp.org and you will be removed from our lists within 24 hours.
Other Personal Information
You are not required to provide any personal information on our Web site unless you choose to do so. We do ask for personal information on our online donation pages to properly enable donation transaction processing. We use this information to acknowledge receipt of your donation for tax purposes and to help prevent fraudulent donations. If you give a gift to SHF your name and address will be placed on our physical mailing list for occasional (quarterly) mail updates. If you do not wish to receive physical mail from SHF you may call us at any time at 1-213-626-7676, or e-mail us, to be removed. If you are making a donation in honor of or in memory of someone, we will not use their personal information for any purpose other than sending the acknowledgment card.

Opting Out
If you are currently receiving electronic correspondence from SHF and no longer wish to do so, please send us a brief email indicating your desire to be removed from our contact lists to: 
Your email will be removed from our contact lists within 24 hrs of receiving your request.

Contacting Us
If you have comments or questions about our online privacy policy, or would like more information about SHF, or are experiencing technical trouble, please contact us at: info@simplyhelp.org

Federal and State Compliance
The information enclosed describes one or more of SHF’s activities. Contributions are used to support SHF’s programs worldwide, wherever the need is greatest. Visit our Internet home page: www.SHF.org for more information about SHF and its work.
Your contribution is tax-deductible as described on your receipt and to the extent allowed by United States laws. You have received no goods or services in return for your donation, unless SHF has otherwise notified you in writing.
IRS Circular 230 Notice: SHF advises you to seek your own legal and tax advice in connection with gift and planning matters. SHF does not provide legal or tax advice. Materials provided by SHF are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties.
A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained by calling SHF at 1-213-626-7676, or by writing directly to SimplyHelp Foundation, 121 S. Hope St, #406, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Your privacy is very important to us. We rely on the good will and generosity of our supporters and want to make sure that your experience with SHF is as positive as possible. We do want to keep you abreast of the ongoing fight against poverty, but not at the expense of any personal information concerns. If you have concerns about your privacy with SHF please feel free to call 1-213-626-7676 or email us at: