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Senior Centers Adoption


Our Mission

SimplyHelp’s Mission with our Senior Center Program is to provide for the basic needs of seniors who simply have no place else to go. Some of them have no family to help them, others were simply left on the streets to fend for themselves, or were put out by hospitals that could not afford to provide the ongoing care that they need. Many of these seniors are living out their final days, and another of the services we help provide is paying for funeral expenses.

We provide shelter, clothing, basic meals, beds, and various medical supplies such as wheelchairs, antibiotics and vitamins. Most of the care is provided by unpaid volunteers, with a few paid associates for management, security and laundry services. The accommodations are by no means fancy, but the basic care we provide has brought tears to the eyes of many of our seniors who have reached the lowest depths of despair.

In order to support these seniors, we seek out compassionate donors who are willing to “Adopt a Senior” by providing $35/month to help pay for one senior’s expenses. This small amount means so much to these seniors, who can live out the final years of their lives with dignity.

We still have many seniors whose expenses have not been picked up through this program, and we are anxiously seeking out donors who can find it in their hearts to “Adopt a Senior”. For the price of one meal at a restaurant, you can provide basic care for a senior for an entire month! Please help if you can by leaving a message at SimplyHelp, 213-626-7676, and we will contact you to arrange a convenient donation plan.

Update Information

Currently, the Senior Centers Adoption Program in El Salvador Is Still Open: For $420 per year ($35 per month) (the cost has been changed, because of the soaring price on the local supply market) you can provide a formerly homeless senior with a warm bed, hot meals, medical care, and a chance to feel loved and cared for in the final stage of their daily life. They need your support!

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2021 1/24 Senior Center Adoption List for 2021

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