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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
2014 Youth Ambassadors Nomination Activities
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Projects 2022

2022 12/31 Receiving in Haiti

Ambassador Gu Wenjian assisted in donating about 200 boxes of New Year’s gifts from the Simplyhelp Foundation to Pierre Rico, Minister of Social Affairs who received the gift, including children’s toys, footballs, sportswear, children’s clothing, children’s shoes, books and handbags. Alderney represents Haitian Prime Minister Henry. Minister Paley thanked and pledged to give this gift to children in the most disadvantaged communities.

2022 12/30 Senior Center

The El Salvador container has arrived. Our seniors have new wheelchairs, fresh noodles, new shoes, masks, wipes, diapers, etc. In the past two years, none of the senior has received COVID. Thanks to the local volunteers, seeing their happy faces warms our hearts.

2022 12/21 Distribution for Parking Lot Homeless

Just finished deliver love bags to the parking lot homeless(home car) today, thanks everyone’s hard work.

2022 12/21 Distribution in Hospital

We delivered 50 bags of gifts for low-income cancer patients in the city of hope cancer center in the second session today. Includes winter hats, gloves, quilts, scarves, neckers, pineapple cakes, caps, kids hygiene kits, mask , wet wipe.

2022 12/21 Foothill Distribution

We delivered 265 Christmas gifts to low-income families today at foothill unity
Contents: Football, Blanket, Hat, Mask, Face Shield, Gloves, Sanitizing Wipes, Health Kit, etc.

2022 12/19 Distribution For Homeless

Love bags delivered to local homeless near Rosemead & Garvey corner area, each bag contains: masks. Shaqima, pineapple cakes. wet wipes. blanket. instant noodles. disinfectant spray.

2022 12/18 Donate To Local Community

Master is very happy and grateful for the multi-functional blanket delivered by the Simplyhelp.
He likes pastries, hats, and scarves, praised the hats and scarves are very practical!