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SimplyHelp has Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.
2014 Youth Ambassadors Nomination Activities
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County Of Los Angeles

The Seal of Los Angeles CountyOur organization participates in the Surplus Property Donation Program of the County of Los Angeles. Click For More Information


2022 5/18 幫幫忙基金會聯手醫療機構助力健康博覽會-美新社

2022 3/4 The party in the 4th senior center El Salvador

Birthday celebration in our 4th senior center, The elderly are living healthy and happy lives during the Covid time, without a single case, thanks to the local volunteers of Pastor Soto for their careful care every day.

2021 5/12 WorldJournal-幫幫忙基金會PPE貨櫃將啟運救援世界多地災民

2018 9/4 Thank You Letter From St. Vincent

2018 4/17 Award

2017 7/6 Our Seniors Enjoying Life!

2017 6/20 Loading Container this Saturday 6/24