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Vocational Training Program in San Salvador
Centro de Formacion Integral San Salvador
SimplyHelp is partnered with the Centro de Formación Integral de San Salvador. In response to the great success of the Vocational Training Center in La Libertad, the SimplyHelp Foundation sponsored the purchase of equipment needed for a new Vocational Training Center in San Salvador in May 2009.

Project Overview

San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, has a larger and wider variety of local businesses than La Libertad. For this reason, it has been easier for the Vocational Training School to develop ties with the local business community. The Vocational Training School in San Salvador has established relationships with local chain restaurants and the biggest local cosmetic company, Vidals. A high number of graduates have received employment from these businesses.

The Vocational Training School in San Salvador offers vocational training to low income persons, ages 16 and up, and incorporates life skills in the vocational training classes. People interested in taking classes at the Vocational Training School in San Salvador fill out an application and undergo a background and income check to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications.

No tuition is charged for any of the classes.

Project Statistics

Cooking / Baking
• 13 different classes offered
• 2 classes / day
• 20 students / class
• 54% of students at this school go on to study for a certificate in cooking/baking

• 8 different beauty classes
• 20 students / class
• Majority of students female
• Age 16-35
• Length of total course varies

Hand Crafts
• 10 different classes offered (including crafting dolls, invitation cards, piñatas, costumes, party decorations, floral arrangements)
• 10-20 tudents /class
• Ages 16 and up
• Length of total course varies

Age Ranges
4.5% are below 18 years old
64% are between 19-25 years old
32% are 25 and older

82% of students are female
18% of students are male

Reasons For Attending This School
60% want to start their own business
21% want to find employment upon graduation
10% want to get promoted in their current job
5% want to obtain new skills in order to find a second job
4% want to change their career path

Economic Impact

Income Before Training (minimum wage is $250/month)
33% have no income
31% earn less than minimum wage
23% earn minimum wage
9% earn less than $500/month
4% earn between $500-$1000/month