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Vocational Training Programs in Cojutepeque

Centro de Computo Cojutepeque
The Cojutepeque Computer Schoolschool was established in 2006 after the Salvadoran ambassador in Los Angeles contacted SimplyHelp requesting our support. SimplyHelp funds the yearly salary of the computer teacher at the Cojutepeque Computer School in El Salvador.

Project Overview

The school teaches students the basics of operating a computer and basic programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The students are from low-income families, and they take the classes at no cost. Since 2006, the school has successfully graduated 1,500 students. On average, there are 40 graduates every 2 months and 240 graduates every year.

This school is open to the public, but students are required to be highly motivated and have a low-income background in order to qualify for the classes.

Evaluation Of The Students
Tests every Friday.

Evaluation Of The School
The Mayor of Cojutepeque and the director of the school, Elizabeth de Villalta, visit the school periodically in order to talk personally with the students. They determine what additional supplies are needed and evaluate student satisfaction and comprehension.

The school is the only one in the area that offers classes at no cost, allowing individuals with low incomes to learn valuable computer skills. Other computer schools in Cojutepeque can cost anywhere from $65 -- $100/ month.

The school helps students improve their chances of finding jobs or in their quest to continue on to higher levels of education.

Project Statistics

• 6 computer courses / year
• 2 hours / day, 2 classes / day
• 5 days / week
• 2 month duration
• 20 students / class
• Ages: 13 – 45 years old